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Brand Consulting

Clients have nicknamed our consulting sessions "business therapy" and I hope you start to feel relief from the moment you choose to reach out. In sessions, we'll soothe some of the idea tornadoes swirling around in your mind and set forward actions that align with you and your goals.


Holding space for those who hold space for so many is an honor. 


Book a free 30-minute call to see if we're a match!


Why consult with me?


I'm a swirl of a few things that allows me to approach your business from a unique and effective perspective:

  1. I'm formally trained in marketing. I graduated with a B.A. in Advertising from Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX) in 2012 and after that, worked at an advertising agency, in-house for a major TX attorney (I have some great stories) and then as marketing manager for a group of magazines in Charleston, SC. 

  2. I'm a certified a life coach. Through my work in marketing, I realized my favorite part of the job was helping clients express themselves through their business and communicate through a brand. Next, I needed to know how to ask the deep questions that helped people find meaningful answers from within. Hence, my coaching certification in October 2022! Active listening, clarification of challenges, goal setting and accountability are all part of my offerings as a consultant.

  3. I'm a business owner too. It's hard to understand how difficult it is to separate yourself from business failures or build yourself into your brand. While this experience will be focused on you, I can speak to the experience that most business owners know.

  4. I do not play by the rules. I have seen client after client suffer to fit themselves into the narrow box that modern marketing offers. I won't ask you to flatten yourself into a formula of "what's the one problem you solve?"as healers often help with complex and varied challenges. We are not ScrubDaddys (TM) to be sold on Shark Tank. What we will do is frame your multi-dimensional perspective and offerings in a way that resonates with your ideal clients' needs and values.

Ready to go? Book a call below!


Barbara B.

"Bringing Genni on board to help in my business clarity also helped me as an individual discover more of what's important to me - what is our business if not an extension of ourselves? Genni guided me through thoughtful conversation to help me narrow in on my brand's message and identity, helping my business become more successful.

Amber W.

"Genni is a joy to work with. She's reassuring and calming but also will tell you what you need to hear to make you your best self. She has a way of taking something that's messy and unclear and cleaning it right up so it seems manageable and do-able. I run a hectic business along side my hectic life and Genni helped me find clarity and focus in both aspects. I'd recommend her to anyone that's juggling many balls, wearing lots of hats, or balancing all the plates!"

Jessie D.

"Before working with Genni, I had been struggling with how to keep my business afloat in a way that felt good and pay my bills. I was so burned out. After working together, I started to feel supported enough to move forward with confidence and clarity. My work finally feels fun, successful and finally feels like me!"

Topics We Can Cover:

Here are some topics that commonly show up for my clients:

  • Identifying Your Brand (ex: how to build a colorful brand that weaves together your talents, story and mission)

  • Re-humanizing Your Business (ex: how to be a normal human in a world that demands 24/7 perfection & consistency)

  • Realizing Your Inherent Worth (ex: how to hold onto your self-worth in the face of consumerism, capitalism and culture of meritocracy)

  • Protecting Your Energy (ex: how to slow down and structure your time and services so they honor your energy)

  • Riding the Wave of Transition (ex: how to restructure your business in new motherhood or through an industry change)

  • Using Your Gifts to Position Your Business (ex: how to position your business so your gifts catch the eye of the right people)

  • Messaging and Copywriting (ex: how to find the words that engage people in your offerings)

  • Ethical and Honorable Pricing (ex: how to ethically price your services, honor your time and reflect your worth)

  • Overcoming Isolation (ex: how to interact with this wild world in a way that feels safe and build a community) 

Methods I Use:

I incorporate the following practices and methods into my coaching and consulting:

  • Custom guided workbooks & creative hands-on work

  • Ethical and ICF-certified coaching methods

  • Meditation & grounding exercises

  • Human Design (like the enneagram but better!) 

  • Working alongside other women who offer specialities like leadership development, yoga, breathwork and more.

  • Connection with others to bring belonging, support and community.

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