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Web Design

Don't let a web design-induced identity crisis happen to you.

Symptoms include: Questioning your line of work. Wishing you had a boss again. Incessant dragging and dropping. Raising your voice at computers. 

The first step to finding peace with your project is booking a 30-min call to determine if we're a match!

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If you love this website, I also designed it! 

If you do not love this website ... someone else did.


Web Design FAQs

  • What type of websites do you design?

    • I design websites on Shopify, Squarespace, Wix and Showit. These platforms are a great fit for businesses who need to customize & update their sites regularly and with ease. 

  • How long does the design process take?

    • About 3 months from start to finish. I am not a good fit for someone looking for a rush job. My style of web design is in depth - beginning with a brand workbook & strategy sessions, a wireframe and thoughtful collaboration to design your site.

  • I need logos. Do you offer graphic design for my website branding?

    • I design a few logo suites throughout the year. If my brand design projects are closed, I have another wonderful colleague I can connect you with.

  • I need copywriting. Do you offer copywriting for websites? 

    • Yes, there is an additional $100 per page for custom web copy.

  • I need photography. Do you offer photography for websites?

    • Yes! We can design an entire shoot around images optimized for your website. Head to this page to learn about my photography.

  • What is the average investment?

    • Accessibility is a priority of mine. Websites can break the bank for many small businesses. My website designs are quoted based on the needs of each client and start at $1,200. Some clients may need a 1-page scrolling site and others may need an 8-page full site. You can expect the average 5-page website to cost $2,500. I offer interest-free payment installment options as well.

Would you like to know a little more about me before we begin? I'm all about working with the right people and allowing you to decide if I'm the right fit for you.

Book a free 30-min clarity call with me to determine if we're a match!

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