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True Essence

See yourself reflected in the unique light that you shine onto others. This energetic 45-min photo session will be inspired by words shared by those closest to you.

How Does It Work?

How does it work?

Step 1: True Essence Survey

Choose 3 people who make you feel truly seen & understood. In a brief digital survey (see example below), I'll ask them to share 5 words that capture your genuine energy. 

Step 2: Photography Session

We'll pick a photoshoot location based on settings that make you feel the most grounded. During your 30-min session, I'll share the words your people shared with me and pose you in ways that bring light to these beautiful qualities.

Step 3: Essence Captured

I'll share your edited photos with you to enjoy as creative headshots or just personal reminders of your deep human beauty, guided by those you love and your true essence.

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Blank Envelopes

Survey Mailbox

If you've been chosen to submit a True Essence Survey for a someone, drop your words of love in the form below!

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